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Upgrading Audi A5 2021 to RS5: Car Body Kit Including Front and Rear Bumper Assembly with Grille, Rear Diffuser, Tail Pipes, and Side Skirts
 Jun 17, 2023|View:167

If you want to add a more sporty look to your Audi A5 2021, upgrading it to an RS5 might be a great choice. This article will introduce a car body kit that includes front and rear bumper assembly with grille, rear diffuser, tail pipes, and side skirts, giving your Audi A5 the allure of an RS5.


1. Front and Rear Bumper Assembly:

The first step in the upgrade process is replacing the standard bumpers of your Audi A5 with RS5-style bumpers. RS5-style front bumpers usually feature larger air intakes and a more aggressive design, enhancing the sporty and dynamic appearance of your car.

2. Grille:

RS5 models typically come with a larger grille design and unique RS badges. Replacing the grille with an RS5-style one can elevate the overall sportiness of your Audi A5's exterior and showcase the iconic style of the brand.

3. Rear Diffuser:

The rear diffuser is a significant feature of the RS5 model, adding more sporty elements to the rear end. Installing an RS5-style rear diffuser can transform the look of the back of your Audi A5, increasing downforce and enhancing the overall performance and sportiness.

4. Tail Pipes:

RS5 models are often equipped with sporty exhaust systems that provide a deeper and more intense sound, complementing the overall appearance. Replacing the tail pipes with RS5-style ones can make your Audi A5 more visually and audibly appealing.

5. Side Skirts:

The side skirts of the RS5 are an integral part of its exterior, extending the body contours and creating a lower and wider stance. Installing RS5-style side skirts can give your Audi A5 a more dynamic and harmonious look, perfectly complementing the other modified components.


By installing a car body kit that includes front and rear bumper assembly with grille, rear diffuser, tail pipes, and side skirts, you can upgrade your Audi A5 2021 to have the RS5-style exterior. These modifications will add more sportiness and personalization to your car, making it stand out on the road.

However, before installing the body kit, ensure that you select the kit suitable for your Audi A5 2021 model and find a reliable supplier or professional vehicle customization shop for installation,Changzhou ShengYu Auto Spare Parts Co., Ltd. can provide you with this product. You canopenthefollowinglinktolearnmoreaboutthisproduct: [](


Finally, once your Audi A5 2021 is upgraded to the RS5-style exterior, don't forget to maintain proper vehicle care and regular cleaning to ensure a long-lasting attractive appearance and the good condition of the body kit.

With these modifications, you can bring your Audi A5 2021 closer to the appearance of an RS5, showcasing more personality and a sporty style, making your car a unique presence on the road.

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